Welcome to "Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine"

Founder of BAAIGM, Dr. A.K.M Abdul Wahed was born on 28th June from renowned Muslim family at Bashirhat in Chabbis Pargana, West Bengal India. His father was Moulobi Abdul Wasek & his grandfather was Dr. Abdul Doiyan. His mother’s name was Mst. Zamila Khatun. Dr. Wahed had obtained govt. scholarship at first class metric from Bashirhat High School, & passed ISC & BSC from Kolkata Presidency College.Dr. Wahed was first Muslim M.R.C.P degree holder Professor of medicine of undivided Bengal.In 1960,ha had refined from the department of east Pakistan medical education and health in that ages .this human person has established ‘Pakistan association for the aged’.in 10th Aprill 1960 with the direct and cordial co-operation of some people. At present, this institution was named As Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Wahed had founded this association at 78 no. house of Dhanmondi road no 5 of his own house by using his own furniture and accessories.

Governor of East Pakistan Jakir Hossen rendered his helping hand by providing 10 thousand Taka as financial donation at the very beginning this association.His late sons A M M Abdul Jabbar and Abdus Sattar and daughter Mrs Toyuhida Khatun have played their vital role until their death. Besides, at present his only one alive daughter Mrs Toyoba  Khatun and his son in law had a great contribution for this association. He had involved himself in human welfare for the every moment of life. From 10 April 1960 to 26th august 1971. In 2nd 1971 this aged friendly and humane kind personality left his last breath.